Pet & Portrait Photographer

Hey, I'm Caroline

and I’m seeking the best adventures life has to offer.

Always in sweats and sneakers & always on the move. I've spent the last 4 years traveling all of New England photographing couples and individuals along the way. With a background and degree in photojournalism, and 10 years owning my own business every gallery is pack full.

A little more about me

I have always been a photographer - it all started with a plastic yellow nat geo camera and wanting to work for nat geo (still do) to going full time right out of college. I lost my two horses a year ago in April and it devastated me and left me not really feeling passionate about photography anymore

As I started photographing other people's pets, I realized that my images had the power to evoke emotions, to bring joy and comfort to others who had experienced loss or simply wanted to immortalize their furry friends. I saw how my photographs could capture the unique bond between humans and animals, creating treasured memories that would last a lifetime.

Pet portrait photography became more than just a profession for me—it became a form of therapy, a way to find purpose and healing. It allowed me to channel my grief into something positive, transforming loss into a celebration of life and love. With each portrait I create, I feel a connection to Ace and Luna, a way to keep their memory alive.

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some fun facts about me

i love country music

I have two black labs, duck & beau

I started a non-profit, dunrealtuff

all my free time is spent traveling

I have a major sweet tooth

DunRealTuff (a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit) was established in April 2023 to advocate for companion animals and to educate pet owners about animal welfare. We work locally in Worcester County to keep loved animals at home by providing education and financial assistance.Our belief is that no family who loves and cares for their animals should be forced to surrender or euthanize a pet because of economic hardship.

All animals deserve to live a long and happy life at home with families who love them and enjoy spending time with them. By preventing unnecessary surrenders, we will also reduce additional strain put on animal rescue organizations and shelters that are already faced with overcrowding and limited resources. This will allow these organizations to focus on taking care of the animals they already have and placing them into loving homes.

a little more about my passion


I'd be honored to capture your memories

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